Prof. SONG Yonghua, Rector of UM, along with University Officers, extended warm greetings to MLC students and parents.

Amid an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College welcomed this year’s new students on August 9th and 10th. Over the course of the two-day mass move-in period, more than 200 new students, accompanied by their families and friends, arrived on campus with the assistance of MLC staff members and student volunteers. Both the University and College brimmed with energy as the students prepared to embark on their academic journey.

Prof. MOK Kai Meng, Vice Rector (Student Affairs) of UM visited the college to pay a visit to the new students

To ensure a smooth move-in process for the new MLCers, the College had set up functional desks in advance for students to complete their check-in process. The arrival of the new students was met with a warm reception from the College Master of MLC, Prof. YANG Liu and her team of MLC staff members. Student volunteers, who as leaders within the MLC community, were also involved in the mass move-in and dedicated their utmost passion to welcoming their juniors.

Prof. YANG Liu, College Master of MLC of UM took a group photo with parents

MLC academic staff members took the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with the parents of the new students, providing valuable insights into university and college life. They discussed the academic resources, support services, and extracurricular opportunities available at MLC, alleviating any concerns the parents may have had. Through these conversations, the staff members reassured the parents about their children’s well-being and academic success, fostering a sense of confidence and trust in the MLC community.

Prof. SONG Yonghua, Rector of UM, along with University Officers, happily posed for a group photo with MLC students and parents.

During this time, UM Rector Prof. SONG Yonghua, Vice Rector (Student Affairs) Prof. MOK Kai Meng, Dean of Students, Mr. Paul Pang, and Dr. Natalie Wong and Ms Betty Tam from the Vice Rector office visited MLC to meet the new students. Prof. Song took the opportunity to personally greet the students and offered his well wishes for their future academic studies. His presence and encouraging words added to the excitement and motivation of the new MLCers as they began their educational journey at the university. In a memorable moment, Professor Song and the entire MLC community gathered for a group photo, capturing the spirit of unity and shared aspirations.

The success of the mass move-in at MLC was made possible by the remarkable dedication and hard work of the entire MLC community, especially the students who selflessly volunteered their time and energy. As the students settle into MLC, we extend our heartfelt wishes to every member of MLC for another year of growth, success, and countless memorable moments.

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