A team of 13 students and teachers of MLC led by the Associate Master Dr. Larry Liang visited school in rural area of Guangxi from December 21st to 29th, 2019. MLC students introduced their learning experiences, how they entered the universities, the University of Macau, and RC system of UM through seminars and sharing sessions. They strengthened the friendship through co-organizing classes, singing and dancing performances and some sports events. Principals of the school, Mr Li Naimin accompanied the delegation throughout the event. The service learning activity has achieved remarkable results. The activity was highly praised by the teachers and students of the school and local residents. They believed that the idea of educating students to learn to be grateful and giving back to the society was very meaningful. Students wrote a diary to review and reflect on the activities. As one of the participants, Liu Yongtong wrote in her diary, “This activity is a good learning opportunity. Come to school to share useful learning experiences with younger brothers and sisters, and at the same time use the power of example to encourage them to study hard. We hope to make a difference to them. ”