In order to understand the training process of judiciary police in Macau and enhance awareness of maintaining safety of Macau community, 26 students from Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC), including ‘Community Safety Youth Leader’ and ‘Fighting Crime Pioneer’ students visited Judiciary Police School of Macau with Associate Master Dr. Larry Liang and Resident Fellow Dr. Venus Viana on March 24, 2021. During the visit, staff of the School first introduced the history, function and structure of different Police Departments to the students. They also played a video ‘Police in Action’ to deepen their understanding of law enforcement and youth crime prevention education work. Later, the staff guided teachers and students to visit teaching facilities such as the on-site investigation teaching room, fingerprint collection teaching room and mock court. They explained the evidence-searching techniques at the crime scene and related criminal law knowledge in details.

Many students said that this visit is a rare opportunity for them. They have learned a lot of knowledge about law and criminal investigation, as well as police work in Macau.