In a grand celebration of the opening of the academic year of 2023-24, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) held its Master’s First Lecture on the morning of 14th August, 2023. The event was commemorated with a captivating and insightful lecture by Master YANG Liu titled: “The Poetic and Serene Realm of Grand Beauty.”

MLC’s atmosphere was charged with excitement as over 200 first year students gathered in the College’s “Evergreen Dining Hall” to witness the launch of their pioneering experience of a lecture at the University. During the lecture, Master YANG highlighted the MLC’s academic and artistic fusion and introduced the highly-anticipated and unique “Academy of Aesthetic Education.” The “Academy of Aesthetic Education” was brought into MLC by Master YANG who is renowned for her profound contributions to the realm of aesthetics. As such, the College had the distinct honour of hosting a luminary in the field of aesthetics and arts. It aims to champion the significance of aesthetics in various disciplines and promote the appreciation of beauty, creativity, and cultural diversity.

Master YANG delved into the concept of “4-in-1 Education” at the residential colleges of the University of Macau. The “4-in-1 Education” model, which integrates professional, general, experiential, and community education, emphasizes creating an inspiring environment where everyone can learn from each other and broaden their horizons. The First Lecture also revealed the college’s holistic education approach, including responsible citizenship, global competitiveness, knowledge integration, teamwork and collaboration, service and leadership, cultural engagement and healthy living. Prof. YANG encouraged students to get involve in the development of the Great Bay Area and learn to integrate into nation and embrace different platforms globally.

Prof. YANG reviewed the history of the College and introduced the concept of poetic life and learning of the College, the facilities of the College, and the beautiful courtyard. She encouraged students to aspire to become a “person with great charm and charisma” with a full and brilliant life as “Full of merit, yet poetically, man dwells upon the earth”.

Master YANG’s inspiring and thought-provoking lecture was warmly welcomed by the freshmen. During the lecture, she asked several impactful questions to the audience.  For instance, when asked “what are the places in the College that possess a rich humanistic spirit and how they feel about them”, freshman Joe Gong responded: “I visited three places rich in humanistic atmosphere, the one that left the deepest impression on me is the College Encyclopedia Library. In the library, one can truly sense the thick academic ambiance. The Common Room on the various floors is also an excellent place for studying, providing students with a convenient place to study right at their doorstep. In the College’s lobby stand the bronze statues of Mr. Ma Man Kei and Ms. Lo Pak Sam, constantly nurturing our patriotic hearts.” And when asked their impression of Macau, the University and the College in August, freshman Ling Kaiyan replied: “Although my impression of Macau in August was that it was very hot, I still remember that when I first arrived at the University of Macau, I was sweating all over. Despite the difficulty and fatigue, I saw the beautiful environment of UM, and the thought of soon living and studying here made me very excited. When I came to our MLC, all the senior students and teachers were very welcoming, which made me feel very integrated into this team.” The other students all had warm smiles, nodding in agreement.

The success of Master YANG’s first lecture was a testament to their ability to connect with and inspire the next generation of leaders. It set a high standard for academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, and personal growth at the University of Macau. As Master YANG’s lecture concluded, it left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the College’s newest members. It was a resounding success and an inspiring start to what promises to be a remarkable academic year at the University of Macau.