A group of five patriotic student trainees, Chen Huiying, Chen Ziyi, Cheong Kam Pui, Duan Jiatong, and Zhang Xinyuan is on the path to becoming potential ambassadors for the “Two Laws” initiative for MLC. The program, initiated by the University of Macau, aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of “Two Laws” (Constitutional Law and Basic Law) within the college community, requires trainees to undergo a rigorous training course and participate in various activities to prepare them for their ambassadorial roles.

To qualify as Two Laws Ambassadors, student trainees are required to fulfil several key criteria. Firstly, they must complete a comprehensive three-session, five-hour training course.  The next crucial step in their journey is the simulated teaching exercise, which took place on November 8, 2023.  The results of these simulations was assessed by FLL researcher, Ms. Zhao Yinjie, and all five trainees received outstanding results. It was not just aesthetics of the presentation that was impressive, the depth and clarity of the contents  had truly stood out.

Next semester, our student trainees will organize at least two promotion event related to “Two Laws” in MLC. These events aim to raise awareness and engage fellow students in discussions about the “Two Laws” initiative, fostering a deeper understanding of its significance.  As they continue their journey, stay tuned for updates on their promotional activities.